CEO Inner Knowing Intl. Inc, Founder IKI Technology, Pioneering Researcher, Author, “Inner Peace Expert”, Humanitarian


Before Marlise Karlin became a successful entrepreneur, produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film in Hollywood, was International Director of an NGO, and served as National Director for Break the Cycle, her life trajectory did not appear it would lead to this level of accomplishment.

As a teen, Marlise braved the unknown to escape oppression from an alcoholic, abusive father. Her path led her down dark alleys of stress-related chronic illness and substance abuse to ease the pain. Unwilling to allow tragedy to dictate her path in life, Marlise Karlin ventured on a 20 year adventure around the globe, studying alongside meditation masters in India, holistic experts from Japan, and Western neuroscientists. Infusing the universal principles from time-tested traditions and leading-edge science with personal experience, Marlise’s revolutionary discoveries about dormant human Potential, and the mind/body connection, transformed her life.

In the early 2000s, Marlise initiated a research project that would set her on a path akin to the legendary Jane Goodall, who studied primates in Africa. Like Goodall’s groundbreaking work, Marlise began observing behavior change at a rate never-before-seen in individuals from diverse communities across six continents.

These groundbreaking cases demonstrated that dormant human Potential was within each person, what they lacked were dynamic tools to activate it until catalyzed by SOS Method Meditations, powered by IKiT, Inner Knowing Integrative Technology.

While IKiT, Inner Knowing Technology harnesses the body’s inherent capacity for adaptation it differentiates itself by offering a solo journey towards well-being, empowering individuals to ignite their own transformative energy. The power of this holistic technology to catalyze such rapid and profound behavioral change is what truly set it apart.

Distributing Inner Knowing Technology on digital platforms through a NEXTjourney membership site and SOS Method mobile app, made it possible for countless thousands to access this transformative holistic technology without Marlise’s physical presence.

A visionary leader, pioneering researcher and humanitarian, Marlise Karlin has dedicated her life to empowering people to realize this dormant Potential that provides access to a fulfilling and prosperous life.

Former Director of Talent, Content and Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography, National Geographic photographer


American photographer and photo curator Patricia Lanza has traveled to over 53 countries on assignment to document some of the most compelling people, nature, cultures and stories of our time. Lanza began her career at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. learning about narrative and storytelling through imagery.

Starting as a staff photo editor working with Nat-Geo’s vast archive, her position evolved to full-time contract photographer— an exciting, dynamic direction she followed for eight years. Pat has been on assignments around the globe for countless editorial and commercial newspapers, magazines and clients.

As the Director of Talent and Content and Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles from 2009 to 2017, Lanza curated and developed twenty-two exhibitions from concept to installation. With extensive experience in all aspects of mounting exhibitions, managing collections, hiring staff, developing programming, participating in film festivals, Lanza has worked with major museums and photo venues around the world to package, market and travel exhibitions.

Under Lanza’s direction, The Annenberg Space for Photography collaborated with and presented the world’s greatest photographers and filmmakers, and garnered many industry and media awards. In 2011, the multi-media exhibition, Beauty CULTure won exhibition of the year in a field which included and competed against major international museum photography shows. The accompanying film directed by Lauren Greenfield was nominated for an Academy award.

In 2016, working with the United Nations, the exhibition, Refugee, was nominated for exhibition of the year. Lanza co- curated the exhibition and co-authored the accompanying book/publication with Elisabeth Biondi, former photo director of New Yorker magazine.

COO Inner Knowing Intl. Inc, Entrepreneur, Senior Executive, and former President of, acquired by


Kenneth Blue is an accomplished senior management executive with a distinguished 40+ year career leading new venture start-ups, e-commerce companies, IT service providers, and retail organizations.

Founder and Manager of Kobalt Associates, a digital management consulting company providing IT, eCommerce, and Internet-related strategy consulting services for progressive clients.

Prior to Kobalt Associates, Ken lead a $40M+, 20 store regional retail company as Sr. VP of Sale & Operations. He also founded and served as COO and Board member for multi-national safety equipment manufacturer. He holds a patent for a unique high rise building rescue device.

Ken was also President of, an Amazon investment, that was acquired by Ken spent 15 years in various positions with Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), a major U.S. retailer of outdoor equipment ($3.8B).

Ken obtained a BA from Eastern Washington University, and is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

A former professional international mountain guide, high altitude search and rescue specialist, Ken resides in Prescott Valley, AZ and enjoys climbing, hiking, kayaking, and cycling, with his lovely wife Jan, a behavioral health specialist.