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Freeing people of their generational trauma, will ignite future leaders and communities to shape a kinder, more conscious world.

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– Marlise Karlin

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Empower 1 Billion People Through Transformative Experiences by 2030

Advancing Human Potential Will Ignite People of All Cultures to Shape a Kinder, More Conscious World

About Marlise Karlin

Generational Trauma Expert. Pioneering Researcher. Mental Health Activist. Author. CEO/Founder Inner Knowing Technology (IKI)

In these uncertain and tumultuous times, Marlise Karlin is at the heart of an extraordinary technology that provides relief and life-long empowerment to people worldwide.

In 2004, Marlise embarked on a journey to bring the benefits of the technology she developed to people of all cultures. The research continued to reveal unprecedented, rapid behavior changes, empowering countless thousands to achieve peace of mind, clear past trauma, and cultivate lasting well-being.

Titled the “Inner Peace Expert” by, Marlise has been interviewed on news programs including NBC, ABC, and Fox. A sought-after public speaker, Marlise has toured extensively across the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

Marlise’s discoveries embody the resilience of the human spirit, reshaping possibilities for advancing human potential and life-altering wellbeing.

Botswana, Africa

Timbuktu, Mali

New Delhi University, India

Hospital, Phnom Penh

Rwanda School, Africa

Women’s Health, India

Youth at Risk Chicago, USA

Hogon Leader, Mali, Africa

Marlise Karlin’s journey from escaping an abusive past as a teen to a 20-year global exploration resulted in the creation of Inner Knowing Technology.

Unwilling to allow tragedy to dictate her path in life, she ventured on a 20 year exploration, studying alongside meditation masters in India, holistic experts from Japan, and Western neuroscientists.

On her return, Marlise became a successful entrepreneur, produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film in Hollywood, was International Director of an NGO, and served as National Director for Break the Cycle. But a major injury put her back on track to developing an innovative new Technology.

Infusing the universal principles from each ancient tradition and frontier science, her discoveries on activating dormant human potential catalyzed profound rapid behaviour change, and life long transformations to countless thousands worldwide.

The power of this technology to catalyze such rapid and profound behavioral transformations in individuals’ lives is what truly set Marlise’s research apart.

In the early 2000s, Marlise initiated a research project that would set her on a path akin to the legendary Jane Goodall, who studied primates in Africa. Like Goodall’s groundbreaking work, Marlise began observing behavior change at a rate never-before-seen in individuals from diverse communities across six continents.

These groundbreaking cases demonstrated that dormant human Potential was within each person, what they lacked were dynamic tools to activate it until catalyzed by SOS Method Meditations, powered by IKiT, Inner Knowing Integrative Technology.

Marlise’s pioneering work caught the attention of Patricia Lanza, a former National Geographic photographer and Director of Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography. Lanza joined Marlise in 2006 to document these uncommon rapid transformations taking place around the world.
Marlise’s work mirrors principles found in renowned Eastern techniques such as Ayurveda’s Marma points, Jin Shin Jyutsu’s harmonizing, and Chinese acupuncture’s meridians that enable the body to release blockages and express itself more harmoniously. It also aligns with frontier science like neuroplasticity, epigenetics, intention science and subtle energy.

While IKiT, Inner Knowing Technology harnesses the body’s inherent capacity for adaptation it differentiates itself by offering a solo journey towards well-being, empowering individuals to ignite their own transformative energy. The power of this technology to catalyze such rapid and profound behavioral change is what truly set it apart.

Distributing Inner Knowing Technology on digital platforms through a NEXTjourney membership site and SOS Method mobile app, made it possible for countless thousands of people to access this transformative technology without Marlise’s physical presence.


Marlise’s intention for this initiative is to shape kinder, more conscious leaders and communities that ripple outwards, fostering positive change on a global scale.

Scale & Impact: Launching at the world’s largest sphere in Las Vegas, symbolizes the monumental impact of advancing human potential and wellbeing.


Marlise and Patricia Lanza have joined forces once again, pooling their expertise to spearhead a global movement of collaborative Legacy Partners with a mission that is nothing short of extraordinary: to positively impact the mental health of 1 Billion people.

Exhibits & Venue: Ark Nova, designed by the world-famous Anish Kapoor for unparalleled experiences.

The Commitment & The Dream

Provide 1 Billion people globally with our evidence-based technology that has empowered countless thousands worldwide to transform the trajectory of their lives.

Collaborate with bold, passionate changemakers and innovators to inspire future leaders and communities that shape a more conscious world.

Endorsed By Scientists, Doctors & People Like You


Even though Marlise Karlin is described as an “Inner Peace Expert” she is not one to sit still for very long. You’ll find her in all kinds of places besides temples and mountain tops.

Beginning in 2004, Marlise journeyed from Mali’s Dogon tribe to Cambodian Hospitals to Indian Universities and Boardrooms in Europe, exploring the IKiT’s impact on diverse lives.

She’s trained business professionals with depression, victims of sexual abuse, traumatized veterans with PTSD, and LGBTQ kids suffering from anxiety.

From travel on foot across wilderness to flying in cargo planes, sleeping in dirt floor huts, or simply under a starry sky… she loves connecting with people around the globe!

When I discovered that people of all cultures and ages could develop an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing – in less time than we ever thought possible, I realized I had to find a way to share it.

– Marlise Karlin

Transformative Experiences That Cause a Lasting Imprint; Mentally / Emotionally / Physically

To break old paradigms, we need to educate people in a way that causes life-altering impact; advancing human potential and wellbeing.

Experience the only comprehensive holistic technique specifically designed to activate dormant Potential & clear Generational Trauma.


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