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– Marlise Karlin

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The only comprehensive holistic technique proven to activate the cells in your body; eliminating the generational trauma responsible for stress, anxiety, and depression.

She Forged the Path


See the book come to life with image of the people you’ve been reading about.
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It was the best of times.  I had produced an Independent Spirit award-winning film in Hollywood, served globally as an NGO International Director and Break the Cycle National Director, 

Before then, my life was anything but smooth sailing. 

Growing up with an abusive alcoholic father caused me to become a teen runaway and develop stress-related illnesses. This sparked my passion to uncover new solutions for stress, health, and empowerment.

I didn’t want difficulties to control my destiny, so I set out on a journey of discovery. Over the next 25 years, I studied alongside experts from diverse fields: masters of meditation in India, holistic experts in Japan, and leading Western scientists.

Life got better. But with success came more stress, and so did unhappiness, anxiety, and illness. Clearly my quest for life-long wellness and empowerment was not complete.

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Come join me and a community of Explorers like you who are becoming free of Genetic Pain, sharing their gifts, and changing the world.

Imagine life free of the negative patterns and behavior that have robbed you of greater prosperity, fulfillment, and love. #cyclebreaker

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