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    Advancing Human Potential Will Ignite People of All Cultures to Shape a Kinder, More Conscious World


    Harnessing the Power of Multimedia to Create a Paradigm Shift on a Global Scale

    In these uncertain and tumultuous times, an extraordinary movement is underway to provide relief and empowerment to people worldwide. At its heart is Marlise Karlin, a pioneering researcher, dedicated mental health activist, and humanitarian whose work has spanned six continents. The revolutionary technology Karlin developed activates people to have peace of mind, clear past trauma, and cultivate long-lasting wellbeing.

    Patricia Lanza, former National Geographic photographer and Director of Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography, was compelled to join Karlin in 2006 to document the uncommon and rapid transformations taking place in people of all ages and cultures.

    Marlise Karlin and Patricia Lanza have joined forces once again, pooling their expertise to spearhead a global movement of collaborative partners with a mission that is nothing short of extraordinary: to positively impact the mental health of one billion people.

    One of the most essential partnerships is with [Name] of [Organization], a distinguished [company] from [location], whose mission fully aligns with IKI. Their steadfast dedication to empowering one billion people to cultivate a kinder more conscious world, coupled with their remarkable influence and expertise, has propelled this movement to unprecedented heights.


    “Freeing people of their generational trauma, will ignite the future leaders and communities that shape a kinder, more conscious world.”

    – Marlise Karlin

    Inner Knowing Integrative Technology (IKiT) is the only digital method that activates dormant human Potential to clear generational trauma and develop a life of greater fulfillment and prosperity.

    This remarkable Technology can be delivered digitally through all forms of multimedia to rapidly transform lives.

    To break old paradigms, we need to educate people in a way that causes life-altering impact; advancing human Potential and wellbeing.

    Spearhead a global movement of collaborative Legacy Partners with an extraordinary mission to positively impact the mental health of 1 Billion people.

    A variety of programs are currently under development to expand the reach in each city to where the exhibition travels.


    The Rarity of Transformation at Scale**

    In a world where large-scale transformation is a rarity, the Inner Knowing Movement, [#1BFree] emerges as a profound force for good, poised to empower one billion people to shape a kinder more conscious world. It is a beacon of hope in a time marked by the tragic repercussions of unresolved traumas, echoing across cultures, perpetuating cycles of pain and conflict. The #1BFree Movement is a guiding light, offering empowerment, healing, and unity that transcends borders.


    The Transformative Power of IKI Technology**

    At the heart of this movement is the pioneering IKI Technology, a catalyst for profound change. It has evidenced remarkable shifts in behavior between warring cultures; In Cambodia, people cleared trauma dating back to the Khmer Rouge, while in Rwanda, victims and oppressors of the Genocide sat side by side, sharing their newfound experiences of hope and happiness. Now, consider the traumatic events that have scarred each culture, and the possibility that breaking cycles of the past presents.


    The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health**

    Across the globe, cultures bear the imprints of their painful histories. From the remnants of colonization to the echoes of civil wars and oppression, the collective generational trauma persists, resonating in every corner of the world, tearing societies apart and fueling conflicts. And there’s a collective cry for healing and peace. Inner Knowing Technology is a catalyst for such change. It has the power to bridge divides, uniting individuals and communities in a shared pursuit of kindness and wellbeing.

    Impact of Generational Trauma Globally

    Mental Health

    970 million people globally struggle with mental illness or drug abuse. Suicide is 2nd leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds.


    Domestic violence and Abuse (DVA) are global health and societal issues. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience it in their lifetime. 

    Social Inequality

    Creating laws outlawing discrimination has done little to change prejudiced behaviors. Includes income gap, gender inequality, and health care.


    A Positive Force that Scales Long Lasting Benefits**

    The Inner Knowing Affect is a positive force for good, inspiring individuals, families, and communities to break cycles of generational trauma. The remarkable and rapid experience of inner peace and empowerment transcends boundaries, building more accepting relationships. In a fragmented world, #1Bfree movement can unite people as a global force to reshape a future we only imagine… a kinder, more conscious world.


    Throughout history, numerous movements have ignited change, set powerful precedents for social consciousness, and shown the world the remarkable potential of collective action. Below are three that stand as beacons of inspiration.

    The Enlightenment, a period of intellectual and philosophical awakening in the 17th and 18th centuries, championed reason, science, and human rights. This period profoundly influenced the idea that individuals should have a say in their governance, a concept that continues to resonate across the globe.

    The Indian Independence Movement, spanning from 1915 to 1947, demonstrated the potential of nonviolent resistance and the effectiveness of collective action. Led by Mahatma Gandhi, it heralded India’s independence from colonial rule and inspired countless movements for freedom and social justice. Its legacy endures today.

    The #MeToo movement emerged in the 21st century, illuminated the importance of awareness and empowerment. It provided a platform for survivors of sexual harassment and assault to share their stories, transcending borders, and inspiring movements worldwide. It challenged power structures and norms, leading to insightful discussions on respectful behavior.

    These movements have had a lasting impact on the world, shaping societies, laws, and the way people think about important issues. They demonstrate the power of collective action and social consciousness in effecting change.

    Transforming Lives at Scale: In partnership with [Person/Company/Companies] Legacy Partner, the Inner Knowing Affect at the Event Launch will spark a global movement #1Bfree, that transcends cultural boundaries, empowering future leaders and uniting people to join in the mission of shaping a kinder, more conscious world.


    The Launch Event is just the first step in this transformative journey of awareness.

    Every person, including celebrities, leaders, and influencers, yearns for enduring empowerment and healing. Adding their voices will effect change in social consciousness by igniting conversations to end suffering caused by cultural conflicts.

    Inner Knowing Technology has demonstrated in two decades of research what happens in a person’s life when their dormant human Potential is activated. Healing past trauma, clearing negative habits and becoming empowered generates inspired solutions for real world challenges.

    Stories Of Triumph Over Trauma

    More than 2 decades of field research with diverse populations globally documented never-before-seen behavior change. Similar to Jane Goodall‘s research, but all activated by this new technology.

    Young girl with dark hair, black top and red lipstick smiling

    Overcome Grief to Succeed in School

    Middle aged bald man wearing gray shirt and smiling

    Recovery From Trauma & Insomnia

    Middle aged man in beige hat and glasses

    Release of 30+ Years of PTSD

    Marlise Karlin laughing with diverse group of students

    Breaking Out of Social Pressure

    Group of individuals in Rwanda sitting together


    As the movement grows, it aims to attract Legacy Partners and companies worldwide, spreading a message of unity and kindness. Collaborative global partners offering products that sustain and spread the conversation can sponsor events in various countries, continuing to foster greater mental health and wellbeing powered by IKiT.

    Young girl with dark hair, black top and red lipstick smiling

    VR/AR & Spatial Reality


    Explore new worlds that develop calm, creativity, and recognition of your ability to access your highest potential and wellbeing.

    Activate mirror neurons that respond equally when you witness an action or perform it.

    Young girl with dark hair, black top and red lipstick smiling



    Develop learning capabilities activated by child or teen’s dormant Potential.

    Personalized social, emotional and intuitive cognitive skills training increases motivation and enjoyment.

    Young girl with dark hair, black top and red lipstick smiling

    Games & Metaverse


    Integrate SOS Technology with existing stories or create ‘Hero Journeys’ that activate consistent growth and experiential learning.

    Mixed reality transformative experiences cultivate a socially inclusive mindset, reducing isolation.


    The launch of the Inner Knowing Affect at the Las Vegas Sphere promises to be a momentous event that is set to significantly further the #1Bfree movement. The choice of this spectacular venue, the largest sphere on the planet, symbolizes the grand scale and impact of this initiative.

    The Las Vegas Sphere, as an interactive atrium, is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, creating an immersive and awe-inspiring environment. The presence of high-definition screens, holographic displays, a remarkable 167,000 speakers, and haptic seats for sensory immersion, among other cutting-edge features, ensures that attendees will be enveloped in a truly extraordinary experience.

    The participation of recognized global leaders and celebrities in this event underscores its significance. Their presence not only adds prestige to the occasion but also draws attention to the #1Bfree movement. By celebrating this multimedia experience that activates human potential and well-being, they send a powerful message that resonates with a wide audience.

    The global ‘buzz’ generated by this event will undoubtedly serve as a catalyst for people to attend and, more importantly, share their experiences. As attendees share their insights and emotions after the event, it will create a ripple effect, inspiring others to become part of the movement.

    The Las Vegas Sphere launch is not just a standalone event; it’s a pivotal moment in the journey of Inner Knowing Affect, with the potential to ignite widespread enthusiasm for advancing human potential and well-being, and the mission of the #1Bfree movement – to shape a kind and more conscious world.


    After the launch, the initiative will embark on a journey with traveling state-of-the-art exhibits, designed by the world-famous Anish Kapoor. These immersive transformative experiences will provide people of every culture with soothing relief, a positive mindset and a new perspective to create life anew.

    The next chapter of the Inner Knowing Affect initiative takes the form of a Global Tour, which is set to be a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. This tour will feature state-of-the-art exhibits including merchandise, gaming and spatial reality.

    The exhibits within the Arc Nova will offer immersive and transformative experiences that transcend cultural boundaries. They will serve as a beacon of hope and rejuvenation, providing people from every corner of the world with the tools and inspiration they need to find soothing relief, cultivate a positive mindset, and embrace a fresh perspective on life.

    The Ark Nova is an air inflated membrane structure equipped with the necessary stage and sound equipment. It can be set up in a multistage format to accommodate various events. It can seat 500 – 700 people.

    The Arc Nova boasts a fusion of all the best elements to create an exceptional and awe-inspiring environment. This visual and sensory feast will offer visitors a multi-sensory journey that encourages introspection, reflection, and personal growth.

    As the Global Tour unfolds, it will not only promote inner well-being and personal growth but also facilitate cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. The power of transformative stories, technology, and experiences coming together in the Arc Nova exhibits is sure to leave a lasting impact on all who participate, bridging gaps and fostering connections between diverse individuals who share a common desire for self-improvement and a renewed perspective on life. The Arc Nova represents the epitome of this initiative’s commitment to enhancing human potential and well-being on a global scale.

    NOTE: The Ashes & Snow Exhibit traveled to 4 cities globally between 2005-2008, generating $100M, which did not include the sale of merchandise.

    The walls of the structure are made from a stretchy plastic membrane, designed to enable quick erection and dismantling. To transport to a new venute, the orb is completely deflated and loaded onto the back of a lorry.

    Arata Isozaki and Anish Kapoor built the Ark with the hope that it would become a symbol of recovery after disasters.



    Attendees get digital ‘notebooks’ for writing Intentions – of what they would like to experience and /or what would be most meaningful for them to have happen in their lives in the coming days, weeks or months. The notes are sent to each person or placed on a wall of Intentions – to be shared with the community.

    Could also set up Portal for Buddy to connect with after event.



    The film and music, developed by award-winning filmmakers and composers and powered by IKIT, takes the audience on a transformative journey. The film is 15-20 minutes with a 5 -7-minute IKI Session.



    One area opens to opportunities where you can play with a robot that inspires play, and conversation that uplifts and supports kids, parents, and seniors.

    Another area has video games made to advance mental acuity and focus with elements of ‘elixir’s that are won after winning along a hero’s journey.

    The 3rd area has animated shorts with IKits made especially for parents & kids to learn new skills and inspire family.



    Grows value in App. Calm for Meditation, 2 billion. Headspace = 3 billion.


    Global Website

    A global point of access and awareness of the project including sponsor recognition. 


    Social Media Outreach

    Social media campaign will be part of a comprehensive marketing and awareness campaign to include:

    • Compelling content and inspired social driven by photography
    • Sharing of valuable content

    As the owner of a transformative value-based Legacy Project, your association with The Inner Knowing Affect offers an extraordinary global opportunity to:

      • Generate top of mind awareness with prospective customers around the world, particularly with millennials and gen Z, who are focused on social consciousness and companies aligned with that value
      • Reinforce brand image with your core target audiences who are curious, creative and connected with a respect for wellbeing, individually and globally.
      • Acquire new customers and partnerships globally with retail and trade relationships
      • Connect your brand to the power of heart connected passion globally through the spirit of this human-centric focused movement
      • Create dramatic impact by connecting your brand to the emotional impact building the leaders and communities who shape a kinder, more conscious world

        Generational Trauma Expert. Mental Health Activist. Author. Pioneering Researcher.


        Before Marlise Karlin became a successful entrepreneur, produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film in Hollywood, was International Director of an NGO, and served as National Director for Break the Cycle, her life trajectory did not appear it would lead to this level of accomplishment.

        As a teen, Marlise braved the unknown to escape oppression from an alcoholic, abusive father. Her path led her down dark alleys of stress-related chronic illness and substance abuse to ease the pain. Unwilling to allow tragedy to dictate her path in life, Marlise Karlin ventured on a 20 year adventure around the globe, studying alongside meditation masters in India, holistic experts from Japan, and Western neuroscientists. Infusing the universal principles from time-tested traditions and leading-edge science with personal experience, Marlise’s revolutionary discoveries about dormant human Potential, and the mind/body connection, transformed her life.

        In the early 2000s, Marlise initiated a research project that would set her on a path akin to the legendary Jane Goodall, who studied primates in Africa. Like Goodall’s groundbreaking work, Marlise began observing behavior change at a rate never-before-seen in individuals from diverse communities across six continents.

        These groundbreaking cases demonstrated that dormant human Potential was within each person, what they lacked were dynamic tools to activate it until catalyzed by SOS Method Meditations, powered by IKiT, Inner Knowing Integrative Technology.

        While IKiT, Inner Knowing Technology harnesses the body’s inherent capacity for adaptation it differentiates itself by offering a solo journey towards well-being, empowering individuals to ignite their own transformative energy. The power of this holistic technology to catalyze such rapid and profound behavioral change is what truly set it apart.

        Distributing Inner Knowing Technology on digital platforms through a NEXTjourney membership site and SOS Method mobile app, made it possible for countless thousands to access this transformative holistic technology without Marlise’s physical presence.

        A visionary leader, pioneering researcher and humanitarian, Marlise Karlin has dedicated her life to empowering people to realize this dormant Potential that provides access to a fulfilling and prosperous life.

        American photographer and curator


        American photographer and photo curator Patricia Lanza has traveled to over 53 countries on assignment to document some of the most compelling people, nature, cultures and stories of our time. Lanza began her career at the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. learning about narrative and storytelling through imagery.

        Starting as a staff photo editor working with Nat-Geo’s vast archive, her position evolved to full-time contract photographer— an exciting, dynamic direction she followed for eight years. Pat has been on assignments around the globe for countless editorial and commercial newspapers, magazines and clients.

        As the Director of Talent and Content and Exhibitions for the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles from 2009 to 2017, Lanza curated and developed twenty-two exhibitions from concept to installation. With extensive experience in all aspects of mounting exhibitions, managing collections, hiring staff, developing programming, participating in film festivals, Lanza has worked with major museums and photo venues around the world to package, market and travel exhibitions.

        Under Lanza’s direction, The Annenberg Space for Photography collaborated with and presented the world’s greatest photographers and filmmakers, and garnered many industry and media awards. In 2011, the multi-media exhibition, Beauty CULTure won exhibition of the year in a field which included and competed against major international museum photography shows. The accompanying film directed by Lauren Greenfield was nominated for an Academy award. In 2016, working with the United Nations, the exhibition, Refugee, was nominated for exhibition of the year. Lanza co- curated the exhibition and co-authored the accompanying book/publication with Elisabeth Biondi, former photo director of New Yorker magazine.


        visionary project leader