IKI Technology is the only digital method that activates dormant human potential, clears generational trauma, and cultivates life-altering wellbeing.

About Marlise Karlin

Generational Trauma Expert. Mental Health Activist. Author. Pioneering Researcher. Founder SOSmethod & NEXTjourney.

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Marlise produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film in Hollywood, and served as National Director for Break the Cycle.

As a teen, Marlise Karlin braved the unknown to escape oppression from an alcoholic, abusive father, which ultimately developed stress-related chronic illness and substance abuse to ease the pain.

Unwilling to allow the tragedy of an abusive father to dominate and direct her life, sparked a passion in Marlise that took her around the globe studying alongside meditation masters in India, holistic experts from Japan, and Western scientists.

In early 2000, while doing research on the ‘Special Formula Technology’ she developed, like Jane Goodall, she began observing never-before-seen behavior in various ages and cultures.

These uncommon discoveries compelled a National Geographic photographer to join her, traveling across 4 continents, to capture more of these uncommon discoveries on film.

Each transformative experience witnessed broke new…



“When I discovered that people of all cultures and ages could develop an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing – in less time than we ever thought possible, I realized I had to find a way to share it.”

~ Marlise Karlin

Stories Of Triumph Over Trauma

More than 2 decades of field research with diverse populations globally documented never-before-seen behavior change. Similar to Jane Goodall‘s research, but all activated by this new technology.

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A Brighter Future:

Overcome Grief to School Success

Middle aged bald man wearing gray shirt and smiling

Refugee Support:

Recovery from Trauma & Insomnia

Middle aged man in beige hat and glasses

Aid for Veterans:

Transforms Years of PTSD to Hope

Marlise Karlin laughing with diverse group of students

A Guiding Light:

Break Free from Social Pressure

Group of individuals in Rwanda sitting together

A Cultural Shift:

Hate to Harmony in Rwanda

Endorsed By Doctors & Scientists

We’re on the edge of a revolutionary frontier where interdisciplinary sciences and technology converge to address the world’s major challenges.

Transformative Experience Results

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Activate Dormant Potential

Finally. Meet the person you were always meant to be.

Icon of a human body surround by heart, water drop, gear and doppler

Eliminate Modern Stress & Genetic Pain

You don’t have to be gripped by stress, anxiety or hardships.

Icon showing the two hemispheres of the brain

Build Self-Esteem & Courage

Love how you feel as you build confidence, courage and new strength.

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Improve Relationships In Your Life

Build better relationships with friends, family, and coworkers.

Freeing people of generational trauma, will ignite the innovative leaders and communities that shape our world…

– Marlise Karlin

Integrating Benefits of Preeminent Holistic Traditions with Leading-Edge Science

Inspired by neuroscience, IKI Technology activates the body’s capacity for adaptation; altering electrical and chemical brain activity, releasing blockage, transforming behavior.


Indian traditional medicine uses Marma points to signal the body to produce hormones, creating an alchemical change to heal body/mind.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Japan’s holistic discipline releases stagnant blockage from symptoms of chronic stress and trauma to restore energy to our cells.


Chinese traditional medicine uses meridians to regulate flow of energy (Qi) to restore physical, emotional, and mental health.


The ability of the brain to rewire neural pathways in response to stimuli which changes unconscious behavior.


Ancestors’ traumatic experiences create predispositions to various chronic conditions on a cellular level.

Subtle Energies

Broadcasting invisible energy intelligence, this dynamic field supports latent potential activation, transformation on all levels.


Our revolutionary technology advances human potential and wellbeing based on the principles of holistic traditions and frontier science.

Like Dr. Ali Rezai’s groundbreaking work with ultrasound waves for managing anxiety, IKI Technology’s natural layered stream activates dormant human potential, providing rapid peace of mind.
[Featured in ’60 Minutes’]


Precise words, language patterns, and rhythmic nuances, to facilitate the body’s access to peace of mind, revitalized energy, and acute awareness.


Based on neuroscience, researched at Tier 1 universities, subtle energy is invisible self-organizing influence guiding the body’s natural systems to balance.


Rooted in intention science research, inspired by Stanford’s Dr. William A. Tiller, this encodes specific potent information into the subtle energy field.


Our Remarkable Technology is Delivered Digitally;
Legacy Partners develop the Story in their preferred Form of Media,
Then Simply Layer in the Technology & Transform Lives

IKI provides a host of technology services to work directly with other companies and technologies to create and integrate the company’s Product into a variety of 3rd Party apps, services, and hardware.

IKI Customer Portal – A centralized production component available to clients. Each client is provided with a project account manager to assist and collaborate with the client’s development team to integrate the Product.


SOS Method APP

The only holistic technique developed that activates dormant human potential to clear symptoms of generational trauma; stress, anxiety, and depression.


NEXTjourney Programs

Discovery Journey

  • Discover how to overcome stress & trauma – rapidly
  • 3 Steps, 11 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Gain peace of mind, hope & inspiration

Origin Journey

  • Eliminate layers of stress & generational trauma
  • 7 Steps, 11 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Become happier, healthier & empowerment

Hero’s Journey

  • Stop negative patterns & habits from running your life
  • 33 Steps, 3 minutes each
  • On-Demand Video Course
  • Mind-Fitness Tools & Meditations
  • Enjoy meaningful relationships, prosperity & wellbeing


Gaming Industry

$200 Billion Annual
2.7 Billion Users +

Mental Health Care

$1 Trillion Annually
800 Million Users in Need

Mental Wellness

App Revenue $2.6 Billion
85 Million Users Globally

Global Media

$2.32 Trillion
4.5 Billion Users

Potential Market Entry Points

Video Game Industry (2.7B users)

  • In-Game Feature
  • Game Add On or Stand Alone Resource
Robotics, Personal Assistants, & Companion Technology (4.5B users)

  • Integrations & implementations
  • True voice translation speech
Mental Wellness Improvement (85M users)

  • Self Help & Increase Personal Wellness
  • Digital Wellness Supplement Mentality
Mental Health Treatment & Practice (800M users)

  • Mental Health Providers
  • Professionals, Hospitals, NGO
  • Governments \ World Health Organization
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners (TCAM)

Viable Revenue Streams

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Streaming Series


Develop a special channel for Animated Shorts/Series powered by Inner Knowing Technology that can be practiced and enjoyed daily.

Families build stronger bonds, gain peace of mind and self-confidence in child’s ability to navigate life’s difficulties.

View Sample Videos

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Develop learning capabilities activated by child or teen’s dormant Potential.

Personalized social, emotional and intuitive cognitive skills training increases motivation and enjoyment.

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Games & Metaverse


Integrate IKI Technology with existing stories or create ‘Hero Journeys’ that activate consistent growth and experiential learning.

Mixed reality transformative experiences cultivate a socially inclusive mindset, reducing isolation.

View Sample Video + Session

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Global Touring Exhibitions activate people to see the world through a different lens, causing positive change, greater empathy, resilience, and adaptability.

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VR/AR & Spatial Reality


Explore new worlds that develop calm, creativity, and recognition of your ability to access your highest potential and wellbeing.

Activate mirror neurons that respond equally when you witness an action or perform it.

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Provide an experience that sparks all your senses, a ‘reality’ where your activated Potential helps you realize the ability to build a blueprint for future dreams. Take home App continues process.

Our Team

Marlise Karlin

Founder & CEO


Michelle Britzius

CPO (Chief Product Officer)


Ken Blue

COO (Chief Operating Officer)


Attila Nemeth

Director of Design


Krishna K Vemula (Kim)

DAYONE Tech: App Dev Services (India)


Jayavardhan B N

DAYONE Tech: App Dev Services (India)

Create a Legacy

Change Behavior. Empower People. Transform the World.

Let’s Get Started!

Each transformative experience witnessed broke new ground – some within only 1 or 2 sessions, others in just months, simply practicing the SOS Method Technology inspired by holistic traditions and frontier science.

A woman gained self-worth to leave an abusive husband, a child got the courage to fight off bullies for classmates, a man with clinical depression for 3 years, felt happiness and new strength to regain his life.

These stories of profound personal growth and resilience were not isolated incidents but rather the direct result of this proprietary technology in action.

Similar to renowned holistic disciplines that enable the body to release blockages and express itself more harmoniously, the SOS proprietary formula harnesses the body’s inherent capacity for adaptation.

The power of this technology to catalyze such rapid and profound behavioral transformations in individuals’ lives is what truly set Marlise’s research apart.