Advancing Human Potential Will Ignite People of All Cultures to Shape a Kinder, More Conscious World


Harnessing the Power of Multimedia to Create a Paradigm Shift on a Global Scale

In these uncertain and tumultuous times, an extraordinary movement is underway to provide relief and empowerment to humanity.

At the forefront of this global movement is [Your Name] of [Your Company] driven by a mission to elevate the human potential and wellbeing of one billion people – a purpose that resonates with a lifelong commitment.

At its heart is Marlise Karlin, a pioneering researcher, dedicated mental health activist, and humanitarian whose work spanned six continents.

The revolutionary technology Marlise developed activates peace of mind, clears past trauma, and cultivates enduring wellbeing.

Patricia Lanza documented these uncommon, rapid transformations worldwide. A former National Geographic photographer and Director of Exhibitions at Annenberg Space for Photography, Lanza contributes her expertise to guide this momentous Event launch and Global Tour.

Freeing people of their generational trauma will ignite the future leaders and communities that shape a kinder more conscious world.

– Marlise Karlin


Throughout history, numerous movements have ignited change, set powerful precedents for social consciousness, and shown the world the remarkable potential of collective action:

The Enlightenment, a period of intellectual and philosophical awakening in the 17th and 18th centuries, championed reason, science, and human rights. This period profoundly influenced the idea that individuals should have a say in their governance, a concept that continues to resonate across the globe.

The Indian Independence Movement, spanning from 1915 to 1947, demonstrated the potential of nonviolent resistance and the effectiveness of collective action. Led by Mahatma Gandhi, it heralded India’s independence from colonial rule and inspired countless movements for freedom and social justice. Its legacy endures today.

The #MeToo Movement emerged in the 21st century, illuminated the importance of awareness and empowerment. It provided a platform for survivors of sexual harassment and assault to share their stories, transcending borders, and inspiring movements worldwide. It challenged power structures and norms, leading to insightful discussions on respectful behavior.

These beacons of inspiration shaped societies, laws, and perspectives, highlighting the potent impact of collective social consciousness on meaningful change.

The #1Bfree Movement transcends cultural boundaries, transforming lives at Scale, empowering future leaders and uniting people to join in the mission of shaping a kinder, more conscious world.



The Rarity of Transformation at Scale

In a world where large-scale transformation is a rarity, the Inner Knowing Movement, [#1BFree] emerges as a profound force for good, poised to empower one billion people to shape a kinder more conscious world. It is a beacon of hope in a time marked by the tragic repercussions of unresolved traumas, echoing across cultures, perpetuating cycles of pain and conflict. The #1BFree Movement is a guiding light, offering empowerment, healing, and unity that transcends borders.


The Transformative Power of IKI Technology

At the heart of this movement is the pioneering IKI Technology, a catalyst for profound change. It has evidenced remarkable shifts in behavior between warring cultures; In Cambodia, people cleared trauma dating back to the Khmer Rouge, while in Rwanda, victims and oppressors of the Genocide sat side by side, sharing their newfound experiences of hope and happiness. Now, consider the traumatic events that have scarred each culture, and the possibility that breaking cycles of the past presents.


The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health

Across the globe, cultures bear the imprints of their painful histories. From the remnants of colonization to the echoes of civil wars and oppression, the collective generational trauma persists, resonating in every corner of the world, tearing societies apart and fueling conflicts. And there’s a collective cry for healing and peace. Inner Knowing Technology is a catalyst for such change. It has the power to bridge divides, uniting individuals and communities in a shared pursuit of kindness and wellbeing.

Impact of Generational Trauma Globally

Mental Health

970 million people globally struggle with mental illness or drug abuse. Suicide is 2nd leading cause of death for 15-29 year olds.


Domestic violence and Abuse (DVA) are global health and societal issues. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience it in their lifetime. 

Social Inequality

Creating laws outlawing discrimination has done little to change prejudiced behaviors. Includes income gap, gender inequality, and health care.


A Positive Force that Scales Long Lasting Benefits

The Inner Knowing Movement is a positive force for good, inspiring individuals, families, and communities to break cycles of generational trauma. The remarkable and rapid experience of inner peace and empowerment transcends boundaries, building more accepting relationships. In a fragmented world, #1Bfree movement can unite people as a global force to reshape a future we only imagine… a kinder, more conscious world.



Collaborative Legacy Partners will sponsor exhibition venues in their country to spread the movement and improve mental health and wellbeing through Transformative Stories in video and various products.

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Video & Spatial Reality


Explore new worlds that develop calm, creativity, and recognition of your ability to access your highest potential and wellbeing.

Activate mirror neurons that respond equally when you witness an action or perform it.

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Develop learning capabilities activated by child or teen’s dormant Potential.

Personalized social, emotional and intuitive cognitive skills training increases motivation and enjoyment.

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Games & Metaverse


Integrate SOS Technology with existing stories or create ‘Hero Journeys’ that activate consistent growth and experiential learning.

Mixed reality transformative experiences cultivate a socially inclusive mindset, reducing isolation.

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The launch Event at the Las Vegas Sphere promises to be a pivotal moment, poised to substantially advance the #1Bfree movement.

The choice of this spectacular venue, the largest sphere on the planet, symbolizes the grand scale and impact of this initiative.


After the launch, the initiative will embark on a Global Tour with traveling state-of-the-art exhibits, designed by the world-famous Anish Kapoor.

The immersive movie experience from the launch event offers individuals of every culture peace of mind, a fresh perspective, an a positive mindset to embark on life anew.

The Arc Nova venue will feature state-of-the-art exhibits including merchandise, gaming and spatial reality.

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