Create a Lasting Legacy

Imagine Harnessing the Power of Media to Create a Paradigm Shift on a Globlal Scale

We’re at the brink of redefining media’s role in society.
No longer for escapism and fleeting attention;
it’s about empowerment on a scale that ripples through generations.

Transformative Experiences That Cause a Lasting Imprint; Mentally / Emotionally / Physically

To break old paradigms, we need to educate people in a way that causes life-altering impact; advancing human potential and wellbeing.


In recent years, a groundbreaking technology has emerged; SOS Method harnesses the scientific research of epigenetics and subtle energy to activate dormant Potential, clear trauma, and transform mind, body, and spirit.


Epigenetic science explains how traumatic events can have lifelong impact that passes to future generations.

Subtle Energies

Subtle energies are an invisible energetic field of information which guides the body’s natural systems to wellbeing and greater human potential.

SOS Special Formula

The SOS proprietary formula blends subtle energy, language patterns, and intention science, to prompt a symphony of cellular shifts.

SOS harnesses the body’s inherent capacity for adaptation, enabling it to release blockages and express itself more harmoniously.

Endorsed By Doctors, Scientists & Explorers Like You

Imagine Activating Human Potential & Wellbeing on a Global Scale With Transformative Experiences

Magnifying Our Impact

For Meaningful Lasting Change


Cultivate self-awareness, empathy, and empowerment to break paradigms.


Drive impact with evidenced-based technology to prompt cellular shifts; clear negative cycles and empower new behavior.


Catalyze change through innovative entertainment to build momentum on our combined mission.

“When I discovered that people of all cultures and ages could develop an inspired mind, emotional balance, and physical wellbeing – in less time than we ever thought possible, I realized I had to find a way to share it.”

~ Marlise Karlin
Generational Trauma Expert, Mental Health Activist, Pioneering Researcher

Just Imagine the Powerful Impact We Can Make

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